The Scandinavian style has won hearts due to the fact that it is a style that is simple and natural on the one hand, but also unusual functionality and the fact that it is very comfortable in everyday life. Although there are many elements that make up the arrangements directly from the fjords, one of the most important will be Interior doors. What will fit, how to fit the door the right way?

The most important feature of the Scandinavian style is the economy of the form. Nature is important here, both in colors and materials. Materials such as wood, flax or jute prevail here, and the predominant colors are white and gray. Conceptual simplicity also eliminates the presence of many ornaments or ornaments. Functionality and spaciousness should appear in its place. So let’s be guided in the case of the Scandinavian style by maintaining the harmony between spaciousness and lightness, naturalness, comfort and functionality.

No single detail should dominate this style. The whole arrangement should be coherent, light and full of harmony. Simple shapes, classic colors and timeless solutions matter here. Interior doors of this style can be kept in white, if it is to stand out with something, then let it be a light design. Natural, wood and wood materials – oak, birch and even pine – will also work here. It is also worth considering the use of a non-discountable solution, which has a smooth surface, flush with the frame, in which the hinges remain invisible.

So if you are faced with the challenge of finishing a house or apartment and want to maintain the interior in the Scandinavian style, focus on light, bright and functional solutions. Derived from austere Scandinavian lands, the arrangements feature classic white and gray tones, as well as natural wood textures. Delicate glaze can also emphasize the whole beautifully.

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