yesterday We met games, Which will fuel the PlayStation Now show in January. Sony decided to share the news on this system.

Jan PS is now primarily a Bioshock series. In addition to the remastered version of the first part of the popular franchise, PlayStation Now subscribers can also use BioShock 2 Remastered and the full BioShock Infinite Edition.

else News In January Frostpunk, Surviving Mars i The Crew 2. In the case of recent production, PS Now will only be available for half a year.

The topic of new games on the PS Now demo is introduced in the following video by PlayStation Access editors, and they recommend touring the American roads in The Crew 2. The original title on this list, which may not be known to many players, is Surviving Mars. The title, which debuted in March 2018, won Metacritic Mediumą 7.3 / 10 The deep mechanics of a future colony are praised – On the surface of the red planet of course.

The great unknown is still the PlayStation Now launch date in Poland. As of March 2019, the service is also available to Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, which have joined, among others, Great Britain, France and Germany. Since then, Sony has not extended the software to other countries – official support for PS Now still awaits, among others, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Greece.