After initial skepticism – from failed attempts in the past – gamers have come to love virtual reality in recent years. However, for a long time, it was very much fun, which made the technology more curious than it being a viable alternative to traditional gameplay. This changed, among other things, PS VR, the first goggles to focus on more mass sales (even if they were still quite pricey).

The product was a huge success, so no one suspected a successor to PlayStation 5. The first details about the new PS VR We met in February. Then we learned that the device will be connected to the controller with a single cable, and the controller will contain the “main functions of DualSense”. Sony has now decided to say more about the latter.

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As you can see, the company has taken a completely different path this time than it was in the case of the first release of the device. at Official entry The blog states that the controller is “well-balanced and comfortable to hold in either hand”.

We know some functions well from DualSense: so there will be adaptive triggers and haptic feedback as well as a bunch of buttons removed from the PS5 board – however, the L1 will act as a ‘grab button’.

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The movement of the controllers will be tracked by the protective glasses themselves – the hoops around the device will be responsible for this. The device will also be equipped with finger touch detection, that is, without pressing any buttons. Thanks to this, we will make “more natural hand gestures during the game”.

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Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about the new PS VR release date. However, as Sony has promised, its prototypes will reach developers soon.