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A few days ago, we wrote that quite a few PlayStation 5 owners will be able to install soon Additional SSDs in the console . However, cooling may be an issue. At least that’s what Bloomber claims, citing anonymous sources.

Sony is already working on a new firmware with one goal – to speed up fans’ work. reason? Fear of PS5 overheating.

The PlayStation 5 includes a primary M.2 SSD. It is fast, but its ability leaves much to be desired. Among the 825 GB system, there is actually approximately 667 GB of usable space. For fans, for example, “Call of Duty: Warzone” such a figure is a drama.

The key is the firmware update, which will remove the existing lock and allow you to add an additional SSD to the console.

Sony is well aware of the “thermal effects” of previous consoles. Hence the planned firmware for cooling hot drives of the console. However, it is not known if conveying more power towards the fans will not make the PS5 higher than before.

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