Play and UPC are expanding their television offering with the Studiomed TV channel. It is primarily intended for viewers interested in medical and health-related topics.

From June 1, 2022, people using offers play now And the Play now TV With the basic package as well as customers UPC With Select TV Package or above, they will be able to watch the new channel StudioMed TV. Really The first Polish television on health and medicine.

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The mission of the StudioMed channel is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the community in the field of healthy lifestyle, treatment and preventive health care. The schedule includes lighter, more interesting programs on healthy eating, effective ways to lose weight or children’s health, as well as more serious programs devoted to diseases of civilization such as depression, diabetes and cancer. Quality control and updated information Program Board Consisting of eminent experts Doctors and professors.

Having combined the official offer of Play Networks and UPC, you can count on a special promotion, according to which, by purchasing a Play subscription service, you can get the Internet for two years at UPC for free and vice versa. There is also something for people who are already playing or UPC customers. More on this in the news linked below.

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