This is what Michael Rowan Robinson, an astronomer at Imperial College London. According to him, We unconsciously discovered Planet Nine in 1983Thanks to the data obtained by the IRAS probe. The craft was sent into orbit and its mission was to search for and map infrared radiation.

After nearly 40 years, Rowan Robinson called for an in-depth analysis of the satellite data, because there is a high probability that we will discover this mysterious object hiding in the kuiper belt.

Discover the device approx. 250,000 resource points, only 3 of which might be noteworthy to us. It was these moving points that would have been Planet Nine 37 years ago. During these roughly four decades, the facility was moved.

The problem is that in the background of the places where he might be now, they are there Galactic Cyrus. They are fibrous structures that emit infrared radiation. Unfortunately, they completely disable monitoring and make detection difficult Planet X.

Scientists are almost certain that there is another planet in this space because Something is disturbing the orbits of cosmic rocks out there. It should be a really big facility.

All data shows that it is SuperzymeIt has a mass 5 times the mass of the Earth and is a rocky body. Calculations show that it may be closer than we thought so far, because it is from 380 to 400 AU from Earth, that is, approx. 57 billion km.

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It is not known what this wonderful globe could look like, but the great distance from our star today indicates this It’s a cold and dark world. This does not mean that there can be no life. After all, the most important point is that the planet has a solid bank surface, and this is the most important condition for the development of life.

Scientists also believe that its core is warming the interior, and that its presence in the Kuiper Belt may cause it to contain large layers of water ice brought there by asteroids or comets. this means liquid water tanksIt is an essential component of the functioning of biological life.