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NASA has released a record of the landing of the Perserverance spacecraft

The Persevering rover, which has been exploring the surface of Mars since February 2021, is providing Earth with more and more startling images and information from the Red Planet almost every day. Some of them have no scientific value, and are only curiosities. Recently, car tools, for example, photographed a sliver of rock stuck in and inside a rover wheel for months.

An unusual object on the surface of Mars. It came from the earth

Now, scientists from the mission team have posted on Twitter a photo of an unusual element that the Perseverance has found on the surface of Mars. At first glance eye It looks like surrounding rocks, but after you zoom in on the pictures, you can see that it varies greatly in color and texture.

However, scientists did not keep us in suspense for long. The suspected object is probably a small piece of a thermal blanket that was towed from our planet to Mars. According to the researchers, this may be part of the chip that covered the rocket platform under which the persistent rover and drone landed more than a year ago.

However, it’s not certain how this trash ended up splitting into two kilometers From where the platform fell. There are two options. Either she separated at a great height during the descent and slid alone to this place, or the wind carried her away a little later.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen remnants of the Mars 2020 mission land on the Red Planet. under End April An Creativity drone found the parachute under which Perseverance landed and the cover that protected the rover and the drone during its journey from Earth to Mars, and photographed it from the air. Cover snapped back on landing and hit the surface of Mars at 126 . how much/ h.

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