Peter Adamczyk He was looking for the love of his life for a long time. In the past, the actor was associated, inter alia, with Anna Czartoriska (Check!) if Kate Rosewho took him up church wedding. But their paths quickly diverged.

Over two years ago, an actress stood in his way Carolina Szymczak. Even though the couple were about twenty years old, they were fine from the start.

The actors did not flaunt their relationship in the media and only after a while confirmed that they were together. It was the same with them The wedding ceremony was held in complete secrecy In front of the media who discovered the event a few months after it happened.

Some time ago there was a big change in their life together! The couple moved to the United States, where Piotr Adamczyk has been contracted by as many as three US series!

His wife initially had to stay in Poland, but soon joined her lover and found work there as well.

As reported in “Hot Life”, the couple are happy to be able to live in such a place.

Interestingly, The couple is expected to stay longer in the United States. Piotr Adamczyk added that they are not considering a return to Poland at the moment.

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What’s more, they have an apartment with a beautiful view that many would envy.

Carolina Simcak, who admitted some time ago that she suffers from endometriosis, I also found a great doctor in the United StatesHe was under his care for some time.

We keep our fingers crossed until that happens!

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