Remember when bands had great vocals, memorable songs and you could sit through an entire gig and enjoy every second of it? No? Say hello to The Pierces! Comprising Los Angeles-based sisters Catherine (blond) and Allison (guitar playing brunette) Pierce and their cool young band they play melodic rock with edge, attitude and great harmonies.

Pierce songs are contemporary takes on the human condition and usually tinged with drama and melancholy. Come Alive proposes the idea that everyone has a dark side deep within them This far from new¬† premise is turned around and given the Pierce twist when Catherine sings that it’s what she likes and the darkness that the guy has revealed is what makes him ‘come alive’ and they should go ‘deep inside’ each other’s psyches. I Put Your Records On is about having a musician for a boyfriend, breaking up and then buying his next album to see what he’s written about you. Which can’t be anything other than a “been there, done that” scenario. Any guy having a relationship with a Pierce sister would almost certainly be given a run for their money.

Songs taken from Catherine and Allison’s two most recent albums, 2011’s You And I (the record which broke the duo after ten years of being largely ignored) and Creation (the new release) make up most of the set and show just how strong their material is. Glorious, Kings, Believe In Me and You’ll Be Mine are catchy but thoughtful and passionate.

There’s a touch of Abba goes indie in the vocals but Allison and Catherine harmonise together exquisitely in the way that close family can, with the Everly Brothers as the benchmark. Their totally accapella version of Simon and Garfunkel’s Kathy’s Song has a packed Sage 2 totally silent so as not to miss every single watertight vocal nuance.

Onstage the sisters have that apparent casual indifference to each other that siblings often do. But that doesn’t stop them from sharing a little sisterly hug at the end of the show. Can there be any doubt that The Pierces are destined for even greater success?

Ian Ravendale