In May, the Bialystok University of Technology and the Independent Center for Public Mental Health concluded an agreement on the arrangement, care and protection of green areas. Under it, students of the first semester of second-cycle studies in the field of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences at BUT have prepared five projects for the development of a hospital area of ​​approximately 1,500 square metres. m. Young engineers worked under the supervision of Dr. Beata Matwika and Masters. Architect Marty Bohm.

It was a huge challenge. The task of the students was to analyze the current situation, take into account the needs of future users of the park and create professional documentation, including conceptual and technical design. The latter takes into account the implementation guidelines for the permanent elements of the garden: the planting scheme, the cutting path, the location of the gazebo, the benches and the so-called care report, that is, the guidelines for the care of green spaces. It is worth emphasizing that our students have done this task excellently? Master said. Bow Marta Boom.

Landscape architecture students worked in teams of four. In the end, five projects were created and handed over to the management of the Khorosh Psychiatric Hospital. With the processing of documents, the hospital will apply for financing for the purchase of seedlings of flowers, shrubs and trees from the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection.

Dozens of people have decided about the project after receiving funding: the hospital and department management, as well as the staff of psychologists working here. It is noteworthy that the project chosen by the hospital was also a favorite of the lecturers.

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Garden design’s first reception is always emotional. Only later did I start to dig into it and wonder how the individual items will serve users in the future. That’s why I’m glad so many people saw the project. As lecturers, we chose this project and not another project because of our professional knowledge and observation of students’ work. We did not inform the hospital administration of our choice. However, it turned out that in the end the choice was one for one – says the master. Bow Marta Boom.

The authors of the selected project are M. Katarzyna Olciowska, M. Julia Roskovska, M. Maria Roskowska and M. Wioletta Olszewska. Their proposal took the form of simple geometric shapes. The base and center of the garden is a large lawn on which the recreational activities of the hospital patients can take place. Here you will be able to play soccer, spread blankets and do group activities. There are alleys with colorful flower beds around the lawn. Right at the entrance to the building is a separate square with tables and chairs. It is a space for staff and patients who can meet here with their relatives. In the closed part of the garden, in one corner, there is a wooden landing with a pergola, surrounded by plants and a pond. It is a place of secluded rest, but also a space for group therapy lessons. In the second corner are vegetable boxes. Students provide a place for herbal therapy, also known as garden therapy, i.e. activities that enable patients to come into contact with plants and soil. You can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in the boxes. In keeping with the principle that the landscape architect adds, does not take, the authors took into account the willows already growing in hospital buildings in their design. They suggested hanging hammocks between them.

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It was very important to choose the type of plantings that appear in this garden. The idea was that they should be a native species, best suited and most relevant to the habitat that has a southern gallery, and therefore sunny. In addition, insect-friendly plants appear here – all this has an impact on the treatment and the quality of patients’ convalescence – assures Master. Bow Marta Boom.

Thanks to the students and staff of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, a professional design of a place to relax for SPP ZOZ patients has been created in Choroszcz. It is already being carried out on the hospital side.

In May this year. Ewa Zjeet, hospital director in Khorrush, stressed that it is an ideal place to arrange a garden where patients can rest, spend their free time and meet their families. He will also serve the treatment which is an integral part of treatment in such facilities. Ewa Zgert said I am very grateful that Białystok University of Technology wanted to support our initiative.

The authors of the project, students of the Białystok University of Technology, ensure that they are at the disposal of the hospital at every stage of project implementation: they provide assistance in adjusting the project according to the financial capabilities of the investor, or supervise the work. For young students of landscape architecture, it is valuable experience and first steps in the profession.