May 3, 2021, 09:53

PewDiePie has crossed other boundaries. The popular YouTube channel has 110 million subscribers.


  • PewDiePie already has 110 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • This set another record in terms of the number of subscriptions per creator.
  • Only T-Series and Cocomelon can boast of higher PewDiePie scores.

Although the years have passed, PewDiePie’s popularity continues to grow. Popular YouTuber whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, quite right Ozigny Another milestone. The Swedish artist channel has 110 million subscribers. This is the highest score a single YouTuber has ever achieved.

Only two YouTube channels are able to beat PewDiePie’s number. They are T Series and Cocomelon ?? Children’s songs. The first is the Indian music publisher’s channel, which is popular with Swedish creative fans. In 2018, it started gaining more and more popularity, which has attracted the attention of many YouTubers, including Felix. During this period, a competition occurred between PewDiePie ?? And T-Series, from which the Indian publisher emerged victorious. It currently has 181 million subscribers.

Cocomelon ?? Rhymes Nursery, a British company, Moonbug Entertainment, specializes in creating educational and entertaining content for the little ones. He outperforms Felix by a small number of subscriptions. This channel is also watched by more than 110 million people. PewDiePie could be back in second place in terms of subscriptions.

Even third place is an impressive feat, considering PewDiePie is a single builder. It’s not much of a company behind its success, as is the case with T-Series and Cocomelon. A Swedish YouTuber can definitely be proud of their results.

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