A young puma from Northern California went on a ride on Wednesday. I headed to high school in Pescadero, where I entered an empty classroom and was placed under a desk.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Javier Acosta reported that the puma weighed just 18kg. I took the opportunity to get in when the cleaners opened the facility before class started.

“Puma was walking very freely across the campus, entering the classroom, and huddled under the desk,” Acosta said. A staff member managed to close the classroom door to keep the animal isolated.

They did not stop their lessons

The school authorities decided that the procedure for removing cougars would not interfere with the conduct of classes. The students had to move away from the class where the animal was confined, and the fire department decided next steps.

“They were in the school yard from 9:30 a.m. and devised a plan for the safe and humane removal of the cougars from the classroom and their return to their natural habitat,” Acosta added.

Treatment may be waiting for her

Initial examination showed that the cougars were slightly weak. This prompted the biology educator to call a vet.

“If a puma, estimated to be around six months to a year old, is found to be malnourished or sick, it can be treated before it is released into the wild,” said Ken Paglia, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. .

Main image source: San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office