Heating on, curtains drawn, a Chinese takeaway and two episodes of a Netflix series make for the perfect Friday night, according to a new survey.

Researchers carried out a nationwide poll to reveal what the ideal ingredients for the ultimate Friday night were – and discovered that 83% of us will be locking the doors and staying in tonight (Friday) rather than venturing out and socialising.

Eight in 10 of the adults polled also said that they are glad the winter is here as it is an excuse to stay in – with curtains drawn (62%), a tidy house (60%) and dishes washed up and put away (52%) before the relaxation starts.

When it comes to the perfect Friday night beverage – the nation’s men opted for an ice-cold beer to wash down their take-away, while women reckon a large glass of red is just what the doctor ordered.

Seven in 10 loved-up Brits said they would like to spend the perfect night in with their other half, however 29% admitted they actually prefer having the house completely to themselves.

And according to the poll of almost 2,000 Britons by Anglian Home Improvements, £32 would be spent on food, drinks and snacks for the ultimate Friday night in – with PJs or comfy clothes on by 6.30pm at the very latest.

The survey also found that on a perfect Friday night, the typical adult will spend around 30 minutes scrolling through Facebook, a further 13 minutes is spent scrolling through Instagram and there will also be a 10 minute chat with mum or dad on the phone.

Four in 10 people surveyed said that having food delivered to the door is the very best way to enjoy a night in and over half said the heating must be cranked up.

The survey also revealed that in an ideal world, British women would love to spend an evening on the sofa with the actor Tom Hardy, whereas men said their ideal celeb to cosy-up to would be Countdown’s Rachel Riley.