Development, abandonment and decline – this is the story of nearly every city-river relationship. Another chapter in this report in Piła wants to add the county office, which has boasted of perceptions of the development of space on the river.

Evolution, Abandonment and Regression – This is how the stages of city-river interaction in the context of Wroclaw were presented in their work by two scholars Hana Adamiska and Bartos Addamska. In fact, it is the history of almost every city in Poland located on a river. The riverside revolution only began in the last decade, and the empty space next to the rivers began to fill with people.

A major city project is currently under implementation in Pella – revitalizing 20 hectares of riverside areas. The goal: to create a diverse and generally accessible public space that is attractive to residents of all ages and social standing.

On the other side of the river, the county office contributes to the river’s revolution. At the back of the riverside building, he intends to create a space-friendly space with a park and shelter that could also function as a small concert enclosure, paddle board, and restaurant. The district office wants to implement its projects with the help of government and European Union funds. The first tenders will be launched soon.