Although Paulo Sousa has been persuaded to watch top-flight matches in the league, Césary Colesa, president of the Polish Football Association, will not see the coach of the Polish national team in Polish stadiums this weekend. A spokesperson for the national team announced, that Sousa will attend matches in the championship and the English Premier League, despite the fact that the Legia match with Lech will be played on the same date. However, he has good reason for that.

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Sousa travels to Great Britain. Hidden Purpose: A Conversation with Matt Cash

Among the players that Souza could follow in the Premier League and Championship are Michel Hellic (Barnsley) or Kamel Joviac (Derby County). There will be two “Polish” matches in the Premier League this weekend. Norwich, where Przemyslav Pacita is waiting for his debut, will play with Brighton’s Jacob Modira. A similar situation applies to Jan Bednarek, who will play for Southampton for Leeds United, where Matthews Klic plays.

Sousa will not be in the Legia-Leech match, and the Polish Football Association explains what he will do at that time

According to the gate meczyki.plPaulo Sousa has another spot on the list – it’s an interview with Aston Villa defender Mattie Cash, who is applying for a Polish passport and would like to play for the national team. The competitor has already taken the first step. We were informed a few days ago that the documents needed to obtain a passport are already in Warsaw.

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– Criticism is not yet official Polish. Only when the action is over will I make a decision as a selector. I can’t say more than that at the moment. I focus on the players at my disposal – Mukhtar said during the training camp in September.

Cash has been saying publicly for a long time that he wants to play for the Polish national team. After the recent victory over Albania, he congratulated the Poles on Twitter.