One of Riot Games’ advertisements may indicate a new mode in League of Legends.

Developers have posted a description of the changes made to League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of LoL (see: Patch 2.1 for Wild Rift – What’s coming in the near future?). Among the novelties revealed, you can find something that hasn’t appeared before in the classic version of Riot – The Path of Ascension mode. What is that?

Happened – the path of exaltation

Ascension itself is known to all League of Legends players for sure. This, of course, is the mode that occurs on the Crystal Scar map. The event is associated with Shurima and Ancient Ascended – Xerath, who is the main boss in the mode.

However, Wild Rift’s new teaser speaks of a different height. Because it has nothing to do with Shoreema, but rather Mount Targun.

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Text of Wild Rift’s Official Patch Notes:

What awaits you on top of Targun? Find your tracks. It climbs up.

What could this mean? As you know, Mount Targon is Runeterra’s strongest peak. Many League of Legends champions are associated with it, such as Leona, Diana, Pantheon, Taric, and Aurelion Sol. Lore fans know that the aforementioned peak is strongly linked to solar and sun worship.

So far, it is not known if the new mode will happen on a different map, or maybe it will happen on Summoner’s Rift. Path of Ascension in LoL will likely not appear on PC and will be a mode exclusive to the mobile version of this title.

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It remains to be hoped, despite everything, that the developers have also prepared something for PC gamers who might be happy to present an entirely new mode.