By decision of the Wroclaw advisors Passage Innovation should leave the space it has occupied so far and move to Teatralny Square.

As reported in October, Fate of the passage CI I stood in question. However, the librarians have given the illusion that they will be able to preserve this unique setting and survive in the space that was designed with this modern library in mind. On Thursday, January 14th during Thirty-third session of the Wroclaw City Council, The councilors unanimously decided to transfer branch No. 13 of the Przej Prcie Innovation Center, which is part of the Municipal Public Library in Wroc فيaw, from ul. Świdnicka 19 in pl. Tetralny 5.

What instead of the Innovation Transition Center?

As the judge told us, the Przejście Innovation Center, which will move to neighboring Mediateka, will be replaced by the Dialogue Corridor managed by the Wrocław Center for Social Development.

It will be an information point on social activities and an information point in support of new residents – immigrant and migrant women. The crossing will be a space for events dealing with the topic of social dialogue and developing models for action and solutions in conflict situations. WCRS plans to collaborate and prepare a detailed presentation with NGOs, assuming discussions, exhibitions, concerts, and the Social Lab are organized at this venue. The Dialogue Pass will serve the residents of Wroclaw as it has been until now – Officials announced.

Photo by Gaja Teralska

Library achievements

The entire library space is designed for specific book collections and workshops related to the activities of this institution. On an area of ​​300 square meters, there were 5 zones: information, games, activities, conferences, workshops and relaxation.

We are used to the idea that we will be taken. We can guarantee that nothing in our activity profile will change. There will be some news that may surprise our users – He says Anita Sioka Facility manager.

There will be no more games and comics in the new site, they will go to the Mediateka collection, and the tech book sets will be transferred to Passage, who still wants to fight electronic exclusion. This modern library will continue the existing work and promote innovative technology, robotics and programming.

Przejście Innovation Center in its original location at ul. Świdnicka 19 will likely be open until the end of March 2021.

Photo by Gaja Tyralska