Mallorca doctor Angel Ruiz-Valdepenas has been suspended on practice of spreading false information on COVID-19.

Dr. Ruiz-Valdepeñas has repeatedly made public statements that the epidemic was a hoax. He also participated in protests over health restrictions. He will not be able to heal as a punishment. He also has to pay a fine.

Anticovid Doctor

In November, the Spanish government announced that it would initiate measures to punish doctors who publicly denied the pandemic. The then Health Minister, Salvador Illa, revealed that the Spanish authorities were planning to “severely punish” doctors who deny the existence of COVID-19 or spread false information about the disease.

Illa explained that the aim of the measures penalizing misinformation about the epidemic will be implemented in many countries around the world, including Spain, and the international organization Doctors for Truth, which, among other things, questions the existence of the epidemic and advises patients not to Coronavirus vaccination. According to TVE public television estimates, more than 200 Spanish doctors belong to Doctors for Truth.

Justifying the decision to suspend the doctor, the Chamber’s leadership made it clear that in his interventions posted on social networks and during the protests, Dr. Angel Ruiz-Valdepenas repeatedly called for disobeying the sanitation authorities and resigning from wearing protective clothing. Masks.

An anti-cancer doctor has been suspended for six years. The Spanish Medical Chamber also imposed a fine of 16.6 thousand on him. euro.

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Source: PAP