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October 23, 2021, 13:47

The famous cowboy from Overwatch will receive a new honor, thanks to which it will not refer to the controversial previous product of Diablo IV.

the changes announce by game developers Note and watch It will soon become a reality; Jesse McCree, one of the characters available in the production will take a new name. As of October 26, the cowboy will be known as Cole Cassidy.

On the game’s official Twitter account We readThat the hero, as an apostate, decided to give up his real name. In this way he escapes from the past and the previous self. But now it’s time to become Colim Cassidy again. for lovers Overwatch This unfortunately equates to delaying the character’s new story.

Learn more about issues with Activision Blizzard:

The decision to change dignity was dictated by the desire to cut off the hero from the man to whom he owes his name and surname. Jesse McCree was until recently the main level designer in the game Diablo IVbut left chest z Blizzard Entertainment po Sexual harassment and assault scandal.

The creators have already announced that the characters appearing in their games in the future will not refer to real people. This will avoid similar situations and forced changes.

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