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The copy marked “1847 Mauritius 1d Ball Cover” was sold at auction by a private owner of Sin Starting point 4 million euro. According to the auction house, this sealed historical envelope changes every few decades. Now “red Mauritius” was bidding over the phone by three bidders.

Register a postage stamp. “Red Mauritius” is an invitation to the masquerade

“Red Mauritius” stamps first settled in 1847, when the wife of the Governor of Mauritius sent invitations to a masquerade party. Experts estimate that only three envelopes have survived.

“Queen Elizabeth has one of these in her voluntary collection,” says Christoph Gartner, auction director. Another copy is in the philatelic collection of the British Library in London. Neither of them could be sold, unlike the third, who had just found a new owner at an auction in Ludwigsburg.

The former, as he himself admitted, “with a heavy heart parted with such a rare character.” “I enjoyed every second of this one-of-a-kind ‘1847 Mauritius 1d Ball Cover’ auction, but felt it was time to hand it over to someone who would give it the same passion and pride.”


The article comes from the site German wave.

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