Microsoft just confirmed these rumors from the weekend. On Xbox Game Pass, from the day of its premiere, we’ll be playing Outriders, People Can Fly’s latest production! The company prepares players for great fun in the Polish center.

There have been leaks over the weekend indicating this Outriders will appear in the Xbox Game Pass. Not many players thought Microsoft could get a position from People Can Fly and Square Enix, but we can now confirm – The game will be available in service from the day it is released.

Starting April 1, you will be able to play Outriders as part of the Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate for Smartphones and Tablets) on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

The Polish studio title is the first of many that will be included on Xbox Game Pass in the coming days. Soon on our website you will see the list of services for the second half of March – you can be sure that the American company has prepared some very interesting offers.

So if, after watching the demo from Outriders, you wanted to purchase Polish Hub, and have an Xbox Game Pass – now you can easily read the history as part of a Microsoft subscription. This collaboration with the Xbox brand will definitely cause many players to pop up on the servers of the Polish shooter.