You are Putin’s agent who pushed Lukashenka into Putin’s arms. You are simply acting as Putin’s agency,” Janusz Corwin Miki (Confederation) raves about on “Woronicza 17” on TVP Info, addressing PiS politicians – Dominic Tarsinsky and Jacek Ozdoba.

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It was necessary not to disturb Lukashenka. I say this too late, but it was a scandal, Lukashenka was very nice to Poland and we pushed him into Putin’s arms. We will pay it in the end

He said Corwin Mickey.

Through you, through Poland, which acted on behalf of the Americans, we will push Belarus into the arms of Putin


When the lecturer asked him if he knew the Polish Federation of Belarus and Russia (the Federation of Belarus and Russia), Janusz Corwin Mickey replied:

On November 8, ZBiR will already be created. Lukashenka defended himself against Russia for twenty years.

Considering that the ZBiR has been in operation for twenty years, the Confederate politician stated, “But it didn’t work.”

You will see that it will work de facto and we will have Russian forces on the Polish border. by you

Corwin Mickey asked PiS politicians.

What Mr Corwin Mickey said is disgraceful.”

According to Corwin Mickey, you should support Poland Lukashenka.

You are Putin’s agent who pushed Lukashenka into Putin’s arms. You are simply acting like Putin’s agency

– shouted loudly from the politicians of the Law and Justice Party.

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In response to these accusations Dominic Tarcinski He said:

What Mr Corwin Micah said is shameful. I would actually like to address the Union electors, because as the Union grows a little, Corwin appears in white and says such shameful things. That is why in his thirty years in politics he has never been in government, will never have an influence on Polish politics, will never rule and this vote is now given to the Union and all the other parties in which Corwin-Mickey was present, it is a losing vote , The voice often depends on fashion.

In my opinion, this is a disgrace. This is Hyde Park. This is a political joke that, in my opinion, threatens Poland

– added.

You’ll see what happens on November 8th. by you

Corwin Mickey thundered in response.

Don’t lose your voice to madness

– Tarczyński resumed.