Covered car park at Designer Outlet Warszawa, Photo: Mat. Press statements

Designer Outlet Warszawa’s expansion, which lasted more than a year, has been completed. Newly established retail spaces welcome new tenants, and customers can use a spacious multi-storey modern garage, which was an important part of the investment.

The spacious and covered car park is a great convenience for visitors to the Designer Outlet Warsaw. This four-story garage, especially in adverse weather conditions, provides comfort and convenience of use thanks to the direct connection to the center. It provides more than 800 parking spaces, including places designated for the needs of people with disabilities and families with children. The levels are connected by stairs and elevators.

The building itself fits perfectly into the architecture of the center near Warsaw. Industrial character with large arches, red clinker and metallic finishes completes the cohesively designed retail space at Designer Outlet Warsaw. It is an interesting urban element in its own right, and it can be clearly seen from Puławska Street.

Consistency with the center’s architecture, in reference to the historic apartment houses of Warsaw’s Old Town, is also shown within the building. Each of the four garage levels is dedicated to one of the famous DC legend. As you walk from the car to the entrance, you will be able to learn about the Warsaw Mermaid, the Golden Duck, the Wars, the Sawa, and Warsaw’s greatest horror – the Basilisk. Pictures of heroes of myths decorate the space on the walls and columns. If someone wants to remember the content of the story, they will be able to read the summary at the center entrance. Each legend is also assigned a color that allows you to easily identify the level at which you left the vehicle.

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The newly completed garage will also include additional equipment, incl. Electric car chargers, which are becoming more and more popular among the Poles. While shopping, customers will be able to recharge the battery in their car and continue their journey without worry. Cyclists will also get a new space to leave their bike while shopping.
There are also plans for a professional car wash.

A newly opened garage provides additional parking for Designer Outlet Warszawa customers. Thanks to this investment, the center has nearly 1,300 parking spaces in the car park and in a multi-storey garage. That’s over 30% more than it was before the expansion.