Why is there only one Champion Update coming to League of Legends this year?

The new League of Legends game is very popular. Heroes who already stand out in graphics and gameplay get a new life. In 2020 Volibear and Fiddlesticks are updated, and for 2021 Riot announces only one rework – Dr. Mondo.

Gamers were a little disappointed with this fact and accused the creators of focusing on spreading champions with only money. One of the rioters decided to fully respond to these allegations.

What is the most profitable?

In a post titled “Only One Champion Will Receive VGU This Year,” users criticized Riot’s actions. In their opinion, the studio would earn more from a new champion release than an already existing champion update in the league. Ryan “Reav3” Meirelles, the lead producer of the tournament, decided to comment on these comments, and in a comprehensive response covered the launch of new heroes and the refresh of the older ones.

I don’t know what led to the belief that posting champions was more profitable than VGU. Many updates (especially those with rich skin libraries) have achieved more than just new heroes (especially specialized ones). In addition, after VGU, we can release skins for the updated character as if they were a new hero. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. The tournament team is committed, not revenue.

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Overall, skins generate more of them than any new hero released, and our goal is really not to make money. We want to create something that will draw players to LoL. One of the reasons for our expulsion from VGU is data showing that every time we update a champ we can see a decrease in the number of players – most of them main characters who don’t like rework. If we do as much VGU in one year as we have done in the past, we will start opposing our main premise – players will get less involved and leave the game.

A few years ago, when we did a lot of VGU (and updated the seasons), we noticed in our surveys a huge increase in players upset because we’ve been changing a lot of things this season and all the changes were hitting the servers very quickly. This gave us a lot to understand and slowed us down with VGU’s pace and class updates.

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As mentioned above, we want to keep updating the Champions in the future because we believe in the Age of League of Legends. Part of this is to regularly make sure the game is up to date and up to date, which means older champions update which might upset that feeling. However, I don’t think the phrase “all players want VGU” is accurate when looking at the data we have collected through our surveys.

Of course, there’s also the issue of smaller VU updates, which included, among other things, Morgana and Ezreal. This requires a similar amount of work due to the number of skins to be corrected, and this would force the creators to suspend work on other projects. However, Rioter stated that with the help of outside companies, VUs may appear more often in the future.

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