Lublin residents can point out an interesting and inspiring place, spaces and things. This is the third edition of the “Treasures of Space Culture” competition.

look at the pictures: Press conference on the Space Culture Treasures Competition 2021

Entries must be submitted in four categories: location, facility, activity, and presentation. The theme for this year’s edition of the competition is the vineyards in the Lublin landscape.

One of these green treasures grows in the center of Lublin – says Jan Kaminsky of the Landscape Foundation. – We are in Mujahideen Square. Stasica. Here for several good years the creeper has been growing beautifully, which covers part of the old wall of the dwelling house, as well as the adjacent economic elements, and is in fact the main element of greenery in this space.

– The concept of a space culture treasury is something that pleases or delights everyone else in our environment – says the initiator of the contest, Marcin Schrazebek of the Space Culture Forum. It may simply be something we go through every day, which catches our eye, and which we may also consciously love, that we have no one to tell, and no one to share with. I’ve had an experience – hence these treasures – where I have had many interesting places which have delighted me at some point or constantly throughout the year, for example the Purple Gate on Lech Kaczyński Square. At first glance, when they are not blooming, you may not see them, but they are shrubs that form a walkway.

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– Through the treasures of space culture, we want to invite the residents to find solutions in the city space that are good in various respects: aesthetic and functional; They are some interesting, non-standard or perhaps unique solutions – even in a global scope – that someone somewhere has implemented. We pay attention to everything that is in the public spaces: interesting benches, places arranged by the residents themselves, interesting views, characteristic trees and plants.

– I should think all day, but maybe it’s a tree on Litewski Square or in the Old Town – says one Lublin resident. – I really like to be under the trees at the monument to the Lithuanian Federation, because it is history – says another inhabitant. – The chestnut in my backyard is a wonderful thing. It is growing and growing, and it is already an old tree. It is important to me because I have lived with him for so many years that it would be a disaster for me if for some reason he had to disappear from there – adds another inhabitant.

– Each of us has this kind of visual experience – Marcin Schrzybeck asserts: – It can be olfactory experiences when we are struck by the smell of blooming trees or flowers. It can also be auditory experiences when the nightingale sings somewhere and we like to come back once at night, because it sings there. Treasures were created for the opportunity to reveal all these discoveries, because it is possible to imagine that the inhabitants are the sensors of walking for pleasant and positive experiences.

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Treasures of Space Culture can be presented until October 15th. Please send a picture and description. Detailed information can be found on the website

Mac / Editor. Disp

Photo by Peter Michalsky