Orange Flex celebrates two years of the “Recommend – Earn” program. On this occasion, it’s time for a small summary and a surprise for those who recommend the Flex view and app.

Records in Recommendation – Earn

currently 14% of users Application Orange Flex Recommend the show to their relatives and friends using a referral code. On average, one user recommends downloading the app Flex 2 people. The record holder successfully recommended the Orange Flex show Up to 807 times. It turns out that customers who come to Orange Flex using a referral code are More related to the show.

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Orange Flex celebrates 2nd Birthday of the Recommendation Program – Earn with its users. People who have so far They have successfully recommended Flex At least once, they will receive a special code in Additional 10 GB for 30 days.

Why is it profitable to recommend Orange Flex?

People who will successfully recommend the orange mobile network in the application can count on additional rewards, for example Additional GB packages for the fifth and tenth orders. There is also total to grab 100 zlotys. The person who recommends gets 70 PLN, and the new user gets 30 PLN – after a month of using the service.

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Image source: Thomas Milllot / Unsplash

Text source: Orange