Opening of Electricians Street

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Elektryków Street has woken up from a winter sleep and opened its doors to fun-starved guests. This year’s party space entices not only with its atmosphere and art program, but also with new spaces. How lukewarm you look Opening of Electricians Street And does the place still irritate people as it did last year?

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Electricians parties… it’s time to start

With the onset of spring, the shipyards areas come back to life. Last week, its space officially opened 100 daysin which new attractions appeared. And this week it’s neighborhood time – Electricians Street.

Another year in a row, Elektryków Street was filled with people of all ages, who, after several months of separation, decided to come and play DJ sets in the open air.

Although Friday evening continued into the morning hours, it was in the early hours of the event There wasn’t as much interest as you might think after last year’s opening.

The fun started at 8pm, but people only started gathering around 11pm. After years of long queues to get in, the organizers created a special lane for the goals. People who bought a ticket online to open electricians entered the dedicated side entrance. Thanks to this, things went smoothly and quickly.

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Electricov Street has always been famous for the crowd of people moving around the complex, and it was difficult to walk freely on Main Street. Surprisingly, during the opening, despite the presence of a lot of people, the number of participants spread throughout the complex.

– I’ve been waiting for this opening all year. Altogether, without electricians, I don’t know where to go. Sopot is not my country’s atmosphere and has deteriorated a lot lately. Therefore, in the winter, when Electric Cove Street is not working, only bars remain – he says Silvia.
– Great. I already thought we wouldn’t be attending today, but we eventually decided it might be a tradition for us, because a year ago a couple of years ago we also opened with fellow electricians. In total, we always spend the most time at Outdoor 33, because we like music more – he says Patrick.
Friday’s party was held at several venues belonging to the extended Electric Street. Both the wooden stands on either side of Official Street were packed, as was the open area Plener 33, which premiered last year. Outdoor 33 on the other side W4 food squat is a square with sunbeds, hanging hammocks, a dance floor with DJ playing and booths where you can relax.

object map

Electricians are known for their outdoor scenes and bars set in an industrial space. The fun here can be divided into three main musical scenes: Electrician (electronics are played, house, disco, vinyl picks), outdoor 33(different types of rap and snare) and b 90 (Powerful Voices, Technoid, Bass and Experimental).

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Additional attraction was added by the W4 space, which also opened in the summer on that day. This season we will be able to take advantage of the offer: Alga Street Food (Asian meal) Carmenic (burger), Opus (Asian meal) not / meat (meat and non-meat version of Middle Eastern flavors), With fire and oven (Pizza cut into slices or whole), Banksu (Mexican street food), distance (coffee, cognac, sweets), My fault (organic natural wine), no transfers (Bar with fruit, craft liquor). New food trucks are also available in the Plener 33 area.

new space – Point Scenic

However, the biggest attraction and at the same time the novelty of the day was the observation deck, from which you can watch the sunset stretching over the shipyard areas. This is one of the most interesting places to visit during the holidays. The point was made of steel scaffolding and was also reinforced with safety nets. The four-story building has hammocks inside. The new space is impressive.

Most importantly, it was extremely quiet during the opening ceremony. You can see an increasing number of secret security guards who took care of the safety of the event and also the behavior of the participants in front of the gate.

Elektryków Street has a unique and relaxed atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Here we will meet people who are sporty, nylon, but also stylish. A variety of costumes show the cross section of the people who come to the party. Plus, the area has so much space that even an unspoken rain can’t stop the partying. What can be seen in past years. The plans for the summer celebration in Elektryków are very fruitful. In addition to the high-class DJs, there will also be several concerts and themed events on the premises.

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