The airlines expressed the hope that the situation will calm down after many months of the start of the epidemic, and that flights will continue without major difficulties. However, this is not the case, as subsequent countries are withdrawing from the principle established at the EU level that travelers and revisers may cross national borders without any additional requirements.

The rules change from week to week

A few days ago, Italy announced that all travelers must show a coronavirus test result when crossing the border. The pollinator does not benefit from any preferences. Earlier, Portugal decided to take such a step. In both cases, Brussels protested such violations of the previous arrangements, but the authorities in Rome and Lisbon did not withdraw their decision. On the other hand, those arriving in the UK are required to take the test on the second day after their arrival and remain in isolation until the result is obtained. The introduction of the restrictions has been criticized by Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary.

– It seems to me that government policy is to discourage people from traveling by air, which is surprising especially in the context of the number of people who have been fully vaccinated. There is omicron hysteria caused by the government in Britain. He said I doubt it was done to cover up their disastrous management in almost every area of ​​life In an interview with the British “Independent”,

The unpredictability of actions discourages flying, and therefore interest in flights is unsatisfactory for airlines. O’Leary believes that flying should be limited exclusively to vaccination.

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– I am in favor of encouraging the unvaccinated minority to start vaccination. But rather than making vaccination compulsory, vaccination should be made more attractive. Therefore, I would support the idea that only fully vaccinated passengers can travel by air, Ryanair CEO added..

O’Leary switches directly to unvaccinated people

O’Leary was known to be outspoken about his ideas and avoid diplomacy, so he allowed himself to use harsh words with the unvaccinated.

– If someone has not been vaccinated, we fully understand your choice and freedom not to be vaccinated. If you really believe that there is some kind of international conspiracy by the world’s governments and pharmaceutical companies, that’s fine. But in this case, please sit at home and order food and medicine on delivery. O’Leary said that unvaccinated people should not have the same freedoms as fully vaccinated people who received booster vaccinations.

Wizz Air cuts flights from Poland due to low vaccination rates

Joseph Faraday, president of Wizz Air, made a similar comment earlier. When asked by the site Re:view about the reasons for limiting the number of flights from Polish airports, he admitted that the low level of vaccination of Poles was responsible for this.

– What is the point of traveling with such a large number of routes from a country with only 50% vaccination coverage? Experience shows that you can only expect problems, lockdowns, airport closures, etc. – He said.

He added that in Great Britain and Italy, about 85 percent were vaccinated. citizens. Naturally, it would be easier and less risky to travel there. You can also plan something in advance, with a time perspective a bit further away (…) Being in markets where the Covid-19 situation is close to resolution is now more justified for us in terms of business It is to explain.

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