Already on April 1, there is a change in the payment policy for Russian gas. Vladimir Putin signed Decree obliging “enemy countries” to pay for raw materials supplies only in rubles – Bloomberg reports.

Accounts in Gazprombank

to buy Russian gas, [“nieprzyjazne państwa” – przyp. red.] must open accounts In rubles in Russian Bank“If these payments are not made, we will consider them to be the client’s failure to fulfill his obligations,” the Russian president declared in a speech on Thursday.

According to the signed decree, European countries must open accounts with the state-controlled Gazprombank. Then they are used to exchange foreign currency for rubles in order to settle gas supplies.

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The new regulations go into effect on April 1. Russia expects payments in rubles for raw materials shipped in the new month.

European leaders were surprised

Putin’s words came as follows: Existing contracts remain valid, and European companies – and he indicated several times that this rule applies only to them – They will continue to pay in euros or dollars – said the head of the Italian government.

It’s almost a complete hit European UnionBecause most member states depend their energy sector to a greater or lesser extent on Russian gas.

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