As it turns out that in the period from January to November this In the year, the word “webinar” was mentioned by more than 406 thousand Polish Internet users. times. For comparison, in 2020 it was 205,000, which means an increase of up to 66%*.

The current epidemiological situation and digital transformation have contributed to the increasing popularity of webinars – they can be used to conduct all kinds of activities that have been essentially in place until now, such as trainings, courses, distance learning, conferences or product presentations. Hence, it has also become a source of income for many. According to ClickMeeting, Earning record from one webinar, Implemented via the company’s platform, and reported in the UK – It was £19,180. In contrast, the number in Poland was more than 60 thousand. zloty. Moreover, in 2021 alone, nearly 2 million webinars were conducted through the tool at events, which had 24.5 million participants.

Click meeting It is a Polish company founded in 2011 that provides the application worldwide in 8 languages. Its mission is to support communication and learning no matter where someone is in the world. A webinar platform, a type of webinar, runs in a web browser. You do not need to know specialized technology or install something on your device to easily enjoy the functionality of the tool.

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