The Opinium study was published a week after David Frost, the minister responsible for Brexit, resigned. The survey showed that 42 percent. Those who voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum have a negative view of how Britain will leave the European Union thus far.

26 percent of divorce supporters said Brexit went worse than they expected, while 16 percent said. They stated that they expected Brexit to be wrong and it turns out they were right.

Among people who voted to remain in the European Union, 86% had Brexit as bad or worse than expected. Overall, only 14 percent. All participants considered Brexit to be better than expected.

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The British miss the union

Adam Drummond of Opinium notes that the most surprising finding is that supporters of Brexit are now more hesitant about its benefits than before.

The survey precedes the introduction of full customs control of goods exported from the EU to the UK from 1 January. According to business representatives, this could discourage some smaller operators – such as food exporters – from supplying UK retailers.

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