fans Grand Theft Auto Stay tuned for the premiere of GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition. It is a revamped version of three parts: “Three”, Vice City and San Andreas. The latter title will be freely available to Xbox Game Pass owners.

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Console players play for free

Some time ago, there was information about the premieres of some parts of The Definitive Edition for free. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to San Andreas this November. PlayStation players also have something waiting for them. In December, PlayStation Now owners will have access to GTA III. This is due on December 7.

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However, some who have an Xbox Game Pass may enjoy the ability to actually download the game. Such discoveries appeared on Twitter yesterday. Share your GTANet account an image where you can see the San Andreas download screen. However, the premature arrival applies to a few, because the official premiere of this part on Xbox is scheduled for November 11. The game’s leak to the network is even more surprising.

Total download 21.74 GB. The size will be consistent with Rockstar’s message, which announced the weight of the entire trilogy, which is around 49GB. However, at the moment, we don’t know the reason is that some Xbox Game Pass owners can actually download their game for free. This could be a mistake, but it could be some kind of promotional campaign. However, Rockstar’s move to make its games available to subscribers of both programs is a plus. After all, The Definitive Edition is just a revival of games that have their age. So it is worth checking first whether it is worth buying the whole set.

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