Novak Djokovic knows the taste of big Wimbledon matches all too well. His semi-final opponent Cameron Norrie is writing a new story for himself. On Friday, tennis players will compete for second place in the Grand Slam final.

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Novak Djokovic

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Nick Kyrgios was the first to qualify for the Wimbledon final on Thursday night. without going to court. This is the result of Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal. The Spaniard lost due to an abdominal muscle injury. He had a long plan to take on the challenge in the semi-finals, but the pain made it difficult to serve.

“I made this decision because I feel that because of this injury, I wouldn’t have won two more matches.” I do it out of respect for myself. I don’t want to go to court and not be competitive enough,” Nadal said at a press conference.

On Friday, Novak Djokovic and Cameron Norrie will compete for the possibility of facing the rested Kyrgios. The match will not start before 15:30 Poland time. Djokovic is one of the Wimbledon champions of this era, but he can’t count on London’s big fortunes this time around. Norrie is the British hopeful for the host’s Wimbledon win. In the semi-finals, he was the country’s first representative since 2016 and Andy Murray.

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Djokovic is the number one seed. He’s feeling great on grass in London and two steps away from his seventh Wimbledon win of his career. In this year’s tournament, he has played 19 sets in five matches so far, and the most stressful confrontation was between the Serbian and Janek Sener in the quarter-finals. He got up in it and eliminated the Italian, although he was worse in the first and second sets.

This is how Djokovic described the scenes of the match, as he went down to the dressing room after failing in two matches. – I refreshed and talked to myself in the mirror. Sometimes in unfavorable circumstances, when nothing good is happening on the field, something like this is necessary. I had to take a break, gather my thoughts and recover,” said Djokovic.

The Serbian will play against Nuri for the second time. In 2021, he defeated him in two sets on the hard court in Turin. Tennis players have not yet played at Wimbledon, because the previous British achievements at the tournament were not so amazing. The best result so far was advancing to the third round last year.

Behind Nouri, three matches ended with three sets and two clashes, and he settled in five matches. Jaume Manar fought for just over three hours, and even stayed longer on the field in the quarter-finals with David Goffin. The Briton faces a huge challenge – the ninth seed will attempt to break a streak of six straight wins in the Wimbledon semi-finals by Djokovic. Sam has yet to defeat a top four ATP player in his career.

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Championships, Wimbledon (UK)
Grand Slam, grass pitches, total prize money of 40.3 million pounds
Friday July 8

Central Court, not earlier than 15:30 Poland time

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