President Andrei Duda, together with the government, works on many sections of the front so that what is happening in Ukraine does not go unpunished against the Russian aggressors; Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday that one of those sanctions could be the exclusion of Russia from all sports federations.

On Thursday, President Andrei Duda stressed at a press conference after his return from Kyiv that “the sanctions, with the exception of economic sanctions, must include, inter alia, the exclusion of Russia from international communities or sports organizations.” “If we allow such crimes, humanity will turn towards extermination,” Duda said.

When asked to comment on these words, the prime minister stressed on Thursday at a press conference that “the president and the government are working on many sections of the front, so that what is happening in Ukraine today does not go unpunished against the Russian aggressors.” Moraviki said: “One of these may be one of these Sanctions exclude Russia from all international organizations. As happened, for example, with its exclusion from the United Nations Human Rights Organization and the suspension of Russia’s membership in many other organizations.”

This also applies to sports federations, he added. “This also applies to the organization of events. The Minister of Sports spoke about it a moment ago, and in a moment he can add information in other areas of sport. I can only say that 110 percent of the agreement with President Andrzej Duda is agreed. That the Polish voice was heard As much as possible, that our actions were as effective as possible, and that the aggressor also suffered from this symbolic punishment and not only, ”said the head of government.

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As he emphasized, the issue already may be on the minds of the Russians. “That there is something wrong with your behavior, in your actions, your aggression is cruel – understand it at last” – asserted Mateusz Moravec.

The Minister of Sports, Kamil Bortnizhuk, confirmed that the entire government cooperated with President Andrei Duda in the field of diplomatic activities in the widest possible catalog of sanctions that should be applied to the Russian Federation and Belarus. “Here, sport is no exception.”

He noted that in the Council of the European Union, the sports ministers called on the European Union to speak with one voice in the context of demanding the expulsion of the Russian Federation from all sports federations, led by the International Olympic Committee. “I argued that this, of course, relates primarily to the shameful aggression perpetrated by the Russians in Ukraine. This genocide, which we can talk about with full responsibility today, but not only that, the Russians have been the source of many other problems in the world of sport in recent years ” – said Bortniczuk.

He added that he agreed with President Duda that we should demand that the Russians be removed from all world federations. “We are building a very broad coalition, not only in the European Union countries. We are in constant contact with the Sports Minister of Great Britain (…) I think in the coming days you can expect another statement of sports ministers from dozens of countries around the world,” said the Sports Minister. We will clearly demand it to remove Russia from these organizations.

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