The Nubia Z30 Pro folds before the camera again, to show its best – a beautiful interface with a flawless display and a camera placed under the matrix. Worth waiting for this smartphone.

The second smartphone with a camera placed under the screen is already one step away from the official premiere in China – an event that Maniacs will witness. I like the Z30 Pro, will be held May 20. What can we expect from the new construction?

Here’s the Nubia Z30 Pro and its selfie camera

First of all, improvements to the innovation that became the backbone of last year ZTE Axon 20 5G. Of course I am talking about the father. Selfie camera built under the OLED screen. At that time, it was the first and undeveloped camera of the first generation, but now it is a second-generation hole punch with images of this type:

come in. Weibo

The sharpness of the photos and the accuracy of mapping facial features should be better. When optimizing images recorded by the sensor under the semi-permeable portion of the OLED matrix The main business is software Trying to take out the sweat from the acquired light rays.

The compensation for image quality should be slightly lower The perfect shape of the foreheadWhich will entice crowds of Chinese customers to buy – it is a pity that the smartphone will likely not go on sale in Poland. It will be infected material because it looks like this:

Nubia z30 pro

come in. Nubian

A well-groomed, slim side frame and two glass panels will form the shell of the Nubia Z30 Pro. The car’s main screen will be slightly curved and should spread its wings, providing a higher refresh rate.

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It will be the ideal phone for fans of simplicity and elegance, as well as simplicity, because on the back there will be a small island for many cameras, the size of which will be smaller than the solutions used by the competition.

One looks at these smartphones with impatience! We know the release date of the Nubia Z30 Pro