Two studies conducted in the United Kingdom indicate that in the case of the Omikron variant, the risk of hospitalization is slightly lower compared to the previously prevalent delta variant. However, scientists maintain that these are the first analyzes and that the situation is still developing.

The results of the research seem optimistic – they somewhat confirm what scientists previously assumed: this is though
Omicron is more contagious It spreads faster, its incidence is milder than in the delta variant. A lower risk of going to hospital with an omicron infection applies to both people who do not have antibodies (not immunized or not infected with SARS-CoV-2), as well as vaccination and recovery.

Omicron is nicer to humans than Delta?

According to an analysis by Imperial College London, people without antibodies account for 11 percent. Less likely to be admitted to hospital if
They develop the Omikron variant compared to the delta infection. However, this currently applies to a relatively small number of people in the UK, given the high percentage of people who have been vaccinated and the number already infected, the vast majority of the population have antibodies.

In the case of people who have the antibodies, the risk of someone with the Omikron variant ending up in the ER is 25-30%. Less than if the infection was caused by a delta variant, while the risk of such a patient staying in hospital for a day or more is 40 percent. lower compared to the delta.

Our analysis shows evidence of a moderate reduction in the risk of hospitalization associated with the Omikron variant compared to the Delta variant. However, this appears to be offset by the reduced efficacy of vaccines against COVID-19 caused by the Omikron variant, Prof. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London added that the high level of transmission of the Omikron variable means that healthcare services may face a tipping point.

There are few hospital admissions for Omicron in Scotland

The second analysis, conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, suggests that the risk of hospitalization with the Omikron variant may be up to two-thirds lower than with Delta.

They analyzed cases of coronavirus in Scotland and the number of people who have been hospitalized. They found that if Omikron behaved in the same way as Delta, about 47 people would be expected to be admitted to hospitals so far, while 15 patients have been hospitalized in Scotland for this reason. So the researchers estimated that the risk of hospitalization could be reduced by two-thirds. However, they stated that these conclusions were drawn from a very small sample of them, and in addition, there were a small number of elderly people who are more susceptible.

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Source: PAP / Bartłomiej Niedziński