Do you remember Oliwia from “Love Island. The Island of Love” 2? Although it has been quite a while since the episodes have been aired with her participation, Knapbek hasn’t said the last word yet! On her Instagram account, there are new photos of her, in which the former island shows her slightly predatory face …

Love island. Love Island. ” Oliwia Knapek on Instagram

Program: “The Island of Love. The Island of Love” has three copies, and it is already known that it will be another copy! The production recently announced that casting the next installment of The Dating Show with Carolina Gillon in the lead role is just getting started. Although not all of the couples who joined Love Island have been able to build lasting relationships as well after the program, it sure is The vast majority of islanders have gained a lot of recognition! This was the case Olliwe Knapek, Which appeared in the second season of “LI”. After her adventure on “Love Island” ended, she remained in a relationship with Mikoaj, whom she met on the show, but eventually their paths diverged.

Separation of Oliwia and Mikoaj from “Love Island”? They broke the silence and left no doubt. “It was stormy”

Is this the end of the relationship between Oliwia Knapek and Mikołaj Cieśla from the second edition of “Love Island”? Speculation about this has been around for several weeks. Now interested parties take the floor themselves. Their entrances do not …

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Oliwia is very active on Instagram, and her profile is currently followed by nearly 130,000 internet users. Knapek takes care of herself updating her account online by posting new employees to it. Recently, she decided to present to network users another portion of the photos, in which she presents her slim figure.

Congratulations from participants of previous editions of “Love Island”

Soon many comments appeared under the latest gallery of Oliwia’s photos from “Love Island,” and our colleagues on the show also left their words! They did not hesitate to compliment the heroine of the shots, among others: Mikoaj Yudruszak and Siluia Maduska. (Winners of the first edition of “LI”), Caroline Gochniich (Who along with Matthews Zakarsuk won the final installment of The Dating Show), Dear Natalia Mundic Driga. Other network users also did not hide that Oliwia’s recent session made a big impression on them:

Beautiful and juicy olives,



There is a fire!


And how does Oliwia from “Love Island” like in such an edition?

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