Olga Frikks is very active in social media. The actress constantly provides fans with information from her private life and is happy to show her apartment. A few months ago, during its Q&A in InstaStories, it revealed that it was in the process of making a comprehensive overhaul the kitchen. reason? The upper cabinets were almost three meters high, and the Frycz was 162 cm. Now the actress has shown the kitchen in all its glory.

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Olga Frickz offered the kitchen. The fans were happy

Olga Frikz posted a photo on Instagram of a woman laughing around the apartment. Attracts attention small kitchen. The actress put on white-top wooden cabinets. There are also spring motifs Tulips. The jubilant fans seemed to meticulously scanned the photos of Olga’s kitchen. Questions about the details fell below the post. Some asked for a terrazzo, and others ordered a faucet to filter the water. There were also compliments.

Mrs. Olgo, some more pictures of this kitchen please! It’s cool and I wonder where is the hidden fridge?

The refrigerator is built on the left side. You can’t see her in the photo, Olga replied.

Terrazzo is beautiful. I’ll have it too, but in the bathroom.

Beautiful space.

In this kitchen I can judge – fans write.

Olga Fritsch has a slide in her apartment

The actress emphasized many times that the kitchen in the house is of particular importance to her. Whenever she is able to spend time there with her daughter.

In the kitchen, I like to do everything myself. If someone really wants to “help” me, ask him to peel a potato or cut an onion, or if he wants to help, don’t bother. The exception is Helena – she once wrote on Instagram.

This is not the first time the actress has “invited” fans to her apartment. Even now, they could see her living room with a slide, as well as her daughter’s room, which is dominated by shades of white and blue.

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The interior of its nest appears very warm. There are also live plants in it.