The oil tanker will soon sail from Venezuela to Europe. And told Reuters that it will be the first gas supply from this direction in two years. The tanker, with a capacity of 650,000 barrels, is chartered by the Italian oil company Eni.

Reuters referred to the data of the company Refinitiv Eikon, which monitors the movement of ships. It is the supply of dilute crude oil known as DCO. from the direction of Venezuela There is also a second tanker that will receive two million barrels of Venezuelan oil this month. The raw materials will also be delivered to Europe, with an option to sell part of the shipment to Spain’s Repsol.

Eni and Repsol did not respond to a Reuters request for comment. The agency earlier reported that permits to supply Venezuelan oil to Europe will be issued in May this year. by the US State Department.

In mid-May, the Associated Press reported that the US government intends to ease some economic sanctions against Venezuela, removing the possibility of importing oil from this direction to Europe.

David Kzobek, director of the Polaris Investment Fund, recently stated on TVN24 BiS that Venezuela, along with Iran, is in fact the “world’s greatest hope” for substituting raw materials from Russia. These countries have the best opportunities when it comes to increasing oil production. He has some possibilities Kingdom Saudi ArabiaThere are some opportunities in African countries, but these two countries, namely Iran and Venezuela, are mentioned as the main sources of where in the future – but these are quarters, not months – oil can be obtained – Kzobek emphasized.

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US sanctions against Venezuela

Deliveries from Venezuela were suspended in mid-2020 during the then-President of the United States’ “maximum pressure” campaign Donald Trump. As part of the campaign, oil exports from Venezuela were reduced, which would have contributed to the ouster of the president Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said last month that she hoped the US efforts would “pave the way for the complete lifting of illegal sanctions that affect the entire nation.”

In March of this year. Administration Joe Biden He held talks at the highest level with the government in Caracas. Venezuela has released at least two of its 10 US citizens and has promised to resume electoral talks with the opposition.

Republicans and some Democratic Party officials oppose easing US policy toward Maduro. Washington has stated that further sanctions relief will depend on progress toward democratic change in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been going through a political crisis since January 2019. At that time, Nicolas Maduro, after an election not recognized by the opposition, began his new term as president.

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency / Miguel Gutierrez