The contract provides for the delivery of approximately 1 million tons of raw materials annually for the needs of refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

As confirmed by PKN Orlen, such a contract was concluded as the first Polish company in history.

The company has reported an increase in West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude production. It is characterized by very good parameters in terms of density and sulfur content, which means that in the treatment process it is obtained among other things a large amount of so-called white products such as gasoline or diesel.

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Opagtech: We think strategically

– As announced, we are continuing the process of diversifying oil supplies, expanding our portfolio with additional quantities of American raw materials – said PKN Orlen President Daniel Opagtek.


Obagtek also noted that over the past three years, the Polish interest has strengthened ties with the world’s largest oil producers, including Saudi Aramco. – & nbsp We have also secured new delivery directions, for example from West Africa. In this way, we have also increased energy security for the entire region, reducing dependence on just one resource – the President added.

According to the company, the annual contract with & nbspExxon Mobil is the result of the analyzes in terms of integration of different oils and technological capabilities of the refinery.


In 2019, the Płock refinery received nearly 1.4 million tons of crude oil per month, an average of close to 700,000 tons. Tons of destinations other than Russia. Thus, that year, about 17 million tons of crude oil were delivered to the Orlen refinery in Pock.