Uncle’s School of English offers English lessons at all levels. The school’s offer includes language training for companies. Discover the high quality of services, from auditing to the possibility of taking Cambridge level exams.

Uncle’s School of English conducts language training for employees of small, medium and large companies. Organizes courses in companies and institutions throughout Lesser Poland.

Currently, we conduct training for well-known companies such as: Valsir from Skawina, MWH Meble, Lemarpol Forklift Trucks, BIBP from Zator and Spółdzielnia Inwalidów Pionier from Wadowice. We are also a training subcontractor for the MASPEX group from Wadowice. Moreover, our experienced teachers have conducted classes for such well-known organizations and companies as: Tatra National Park, Team Technik, Pack Plus, H&M, Valeo and Ferro Stores, as the school knows.

Course participants are adults who work in a business environment on a daily basis, at different levels of the organization, and want to develop their own language competencies. The ability to communicate effectively with the external environment also affects the prestige of the company, which is why corporate English is an investment that will definitely pay off. Therefore, the school offers different corporate language courses that are tailored to the individual requirements of the clients within the company, which means that all classes are held at the client’s premises.

Our courses are organized based on an analysis of students’ level and needs, which, combined with extensive knowledge and experience, ensures the achievement of objectives and complete customer satisfaction. For each group or in the case of individual classes, we create a personal study plan and set a goal to achieve. In addition, at the request of the customer, we offer a unique solution for learning foreign languages ​​using the direct method. We offer a responsive e-learning platform and a mobile application available 24 hours a day, thanks to which you can record messages from lessons and catch up. During the classes, we also carry out a program on the topic: “Recent Business Correspondence in English” – as they say at school.

factors such as:
– Uncle School of English is an approved partner of the Direct Language Lab and has the right to use the direct methodologies and books. Certificate Number: 953
– teachers of Polish origin and native speakers
– Innovative lesson formula that stimulates fluency in communication
A responsive e-learning platform and mobile application available 24 hours a day
– Possibility to prepare for the Cambridge exam: FCE, CAE, CPE
Pre-training audit, preliminary exams, forecast survey
– Monitoring the level through periodic opinion polls and verification reports
Professional and committed staff – highly-educated teachers of language
– Uncle’s School of English is a British Council partner school and therefore participates in ADDVANTAGE!!!!! British Council – an organization representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the field of cultural and educational cooperation, with a focus on English language learning.

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