– It seems to us more than once that our house is a space for growth for the members of our house, so many things must be taken care of, and Nazareth indicates that there is no need for anything! A real, meaningful and beautiful relationship is needed between all those who make up this house. This is a space for growth, this is the temple. The relationship between us at home is a space in which God reveals himself. God loving! – said Archbishop Grzegorz.

In union with the Holy Father Francis and the families assembled in Rome, during the Tenth World Meeting of Families in Lodz Cathedral, the Eucharist was celebrated, presided over by the Archbishop of Lodz Grzegorz Rio.

Referring to the gospel of finding the Lord Jesus in the Temple, Archbishop Gregory said, among other things – each of us creates a home, so you can ask yourself the following question: Are the homes we make really temples? Whether it is temples, is it a space in which everyone can grow not only in years – which is natural – but in wisdom. What is so beautiful – we also grow in grace with God. In this space of our home, God reveals himself with his power, love, and grace. – The clergyman emphasized.

– Indeed, this house in Nazareth is such a structure, a sacred space, a space for growth only thanks to the relationships established by these three – Mary, Joseph and Jesus! Apart from these relationships – in the space of Nazareth – there is nothing interesting. The preacher commented.

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The World Meeting of Families with the Pope, organized by the Pontifical Council for the Family. The initiator of these meetings was Pope John Paul II. They are held every three years, and each is preceded by an International Theological and Pastoral Symposium. The main purpose of the Pope’s invitation is to have a dialogue and to show the role of the family in evangelization and strengthening the identity of the family. This year – the 10th World Meeting of Families takes place in Rome, the Central Meeting and in the dioceses on June 22-26 of this year.