As part of the Lodz City project, the renovation of three Lodz community centers has been completed. Poleski Art Center, Górna Cultural Center and Cultural Center “502” are ready to work and invite you to take advantage of their offer.

– In three renovated cultural centers – in Polesie, Widzew and Górna – we provide residents with new studios, workshop rooms and exhibition space. Thanks to the new lighting and sound system, stage and party activities will take on a new dimension. I am convinced that the community center employees will fill these places with new energy, and the institutional display will include classes, workshops and modern concerts. These will be places that integrate the local community, open to the needs of not only the younger Lodz residents, but also the elderly – says Lodz Vice President Mogorsata Mosqua-Woodnica.

What has changed? Górna Cultural Center has acquired a modern exhibition space, workshop rooms and a dressing room. In the modern facility, in one of the rooms downstairs, a club space has been created. It will be a multidisciplinary space to stimulate leisure time, including various forms: theater, dance, music, history of Lodz and teaching methods of play. The club’s activity will target young residents, including those who have limited access to culture on a daily basis.

Participants in Widzew’s “502” Culture Center classes can use the gallery on the terrace, new studios and modern workshop rooms. The building also has facilities for people with disabilities.

On the other hand, in the historic villa of the Poliski Art Center, in a beautifully restored modern building, creative studios, a new exhibition space and a corner for families with children have been created. A ceramics workshop was also established here, which is equipped with, among other things, terracotta wheels and a kiln for igniting ceramics. The communication methods have been rebuilt so that the studio can be easily used by people with freedom of movement issues. As part of the renovation, the balcony facing the garden has also been renovated, on which a summer music theater and open-air cinema will be created. As part of the project, three buildings will be renovated from basement to roof, and thermal retrofit will also be carried out. In addition, equipment will be purchased, incl. Audio and computer equipment, lighting equipment and furniture. Technical updates in institutions will allow the introduction of new classrooms within the reach of all forms of classrooms in newly refurbished community centers.

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The works were carried out as part of the project: “A new culture. Increasing the attractiveness and accessibility of Lodz cultural centers” includes investments in three institutions in Lodz: Dom Kultury “502” (ul. A. Sacharowa 18), and Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki (ul. Krzemieniecka) 2a) and Ośrodek Kultury “Górna” (ul. Siedlecka 1). The city of Lodz is the beneficiary of the project. This mission is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the ROP LV for the period 2014-2020. The project aims to broaden the city’s cultural offer, improve access to culture and enable beneficiaries to participate in different forms. New, friendly and functional spaces for children and adults already await.