The former US president will be hosting a new nature documentary on Netflix. Our Great National Parks is described as a five-episode series in which 60-year-old Obama will invite viewers to discover the power of the greatest national parks on our planet.

Spanning five continents, the series is full of wonder, humor and optimism as each episode tells the story of a national park through the lives of its inhabitants – large and very small – and explores our changing relationships with wildlife, as the series description reads.

It is worth noting that Barack’s wife, Michelle, also works with Netflix. Starting in February 2021, on the platform there is a children’s series “Gofcia and Mochi” with the former first lady, famous chefs, funny songs and famous guests.

Netflix series with Obama. There is already a trailer

The first trailer is two minutes of amazing footage from around the world. You can see different creatures in it – from whales and jellyfish to elephants and butterflies.

A fish that can walk. Surfer hippos wishing to catch the waves. Obama begins by initiating species that are found nowhere else on earth.

Join me on a journey through the most beautiful national parks – Continue walking on the beach.

The series has been filmed, among others, in the United States, Chile, Indonesia, and Kenya. “The World’s Most Famous National Parks” – because that’s the show’s title in Poland – will premiere on April 13, of course, on Netflix.

Obama cares about nature exceptionally

“I still remember traveling to Yellowstone National Park, I crossed a hill and suddenly I saw hundreds of deer and buffalo for the first time,” Obama recalls.

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