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Nvidia just introduced Resizable BAR, a PCI Express feature that lets you achieve a smoother gaming experience – up to 10 percent. However, there is a problem.

Scale bar allows GPU access to the full frame buffer instead of 256MB blocks. This is an interesting solution, but you need an Nvidia RTX 3000 series card (with availability now difficult), and a compatible processor. Scale bar now works with AMD Zen 3, 10th and 11th Generation processors.

The increase in liquidity depends on a specific game – sometimes we’re talking about an increase of 4%, and in other places by 11% (according to wccftech portal tests).

Initially, Nvidia enabled Resizable BAR support for all games, but it was soon discovered that for some of this feature Harms Liquidity. Therefore, there are currently 17 supported titles and more will be added after verifying and showing that performance will actually improve.

Previously, Resizable BAR only worked on the 12GB RTX 3060 version, but now it can be used on any RTX 3000 graphics chip (Ampere family).

Competition from AMD has its own solution in its graphics cards – AMD Smart Access, which in TechSpot portal tests showed a performance increase of up to 20%.

To use the resize bar, Download Nvidia Game Ready Driver version 465.89. The drivers also fix some graphics bugs (including in “Rainbow Six Siege”), and add DLSS support for “Outriders” and ray tracing for “Dirt 5”.

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