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Russia is tired of cooperating with the United States in space? Focuses on a “national” project. [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

A little over a year ago, in May 2020, NASA confirmed the surprising information. Tom Cruise will fly into space, where pictures will be taken for a feature film with the participation of the actor. It was supposed to be the first production to be recorded outside Earth. Now, however, there are many indications that it won’t be.

The Russians want to record their film in orbit

All because the Russians are also planning to record a movie in space. And they want to do it faster. Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Just announcedThat footage will be made on the International Space Station this year.

The station will be visited by famous Russian actress Julia Peresild and award-winning Russian director Klim Shibenko. Both have already passed medical exams and been accepted into a full series of trainings, which are scheduled to begin in June. Peresild and Shepenko will have to prove themselves, among others in parachuting and parachute flights, to mimic a state of weightlessness.

Jack attends the BBCThe film tells the story of a Russian surgeon who goes to the International Space Station to rescue an astronaut who is seriously ill. Thousands of candidates applied for the lead role, and Peresild defeated 19 other actresses in the final round.

This will be the first such flight in 12 years

The Russians plan to take off Julia Peresild and Klim Shepenko into space from the Pagkonur space base on October 5 this year. If the delay is truly avoided, the actress and director will be the first non-professional “astronauts” to visit the International Space Station. At the same time, they will also be the first members of the film crew in space.

So far, only 7 spaceships have appeared on the International Space Station Tourists (Neither of them was Russian) but commercially Flights Aboard the Russian Soyuz ships, completed 8 years after the first launch – in 2009. Julia Peresild and Klim Shebenko will have the opportunity to visit the International Space Station almost 12 years after the return of the last space tourist – Canadian Jay Laliberti (returned to Earth on October 11, 2009) ).

Russia will also send a Japanese billionaire into space

As we reported a few days ago, at the same time Roskosmos and the American company Space Adventures Inc. It plans to send its first space tourists in the space years. This is Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who has also passed medical exams and will start training soon. He would officially become the eighth space tourist in history (he would pay for the mission himself).

On his way to the International Space Station, the billionaire will be accompanied by his assistant Yuzu Hirano and Russian professional astronaut Alexander Mysorkin. The flight is scheduled to take place on December 8, and the tourists will spend 12 days on the International Space Station.

Notably, Yusaku Maezawa had attempted to fly into outer space several times before. In 2018, the billionaire bought a ticket from the American company SpaceX to travel around the moon (it will take place in 2023). Soon after, he was looking for an “exceptional woman” to accompany him, but in March of this year. He announced that he would take eight artists with him.

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The Americans are also planning excursions to the International Space Station

The United States also plans to send its first tourists into space. NASA announced a few days ago that it had signed a contract with Axiom Space to carry out the first private space mission to the International Space Station, which will take place in January 2022 at the earliest.

Four space tourists are scheduled to fly to the International Space Station, which will take off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on board the SpaceX Crew Dragon. The training of special astronauts (as NASA calls them) will begin this summer. Tourists spend eight days aboard the space station.