Like every little kid, I have a passionate love for the fire department in my heart. Hence – to the cinema “Extinguishing”. Perhaps because trying to quell fires is a strange combination of connection and the necessity of civilization – man is defying nature, although he really has no choice, it is ultimately about survival. Abstract reflections are not the lining of the French animated film “Not Extinguishing”, and a burning heart beats in the girl’s body. But the rest is true – the fight against the element has an appropriate heroic dimension here.

Times are boring. For both boys and girls, but mostly for girls. We’re in New York in the 1930s, and the women in the fire department are a song from the future. However, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with fiery imagination and iron willpower. Georgia teen (Małgorzata Socha)’s beginnings in the profession are tough, and she has to pretend to be a mustachioed Joe, as – even without parental superiority – his older colleagues peek at her from under the bull. On the other hand, a serial attacker rages on in the city, which doesn’t make life any easier for the seasoned firefighter or the mayor seeking re-election. However, what will be a challenge for the elderly before retiring to life, the heroine will treat as a stepping stone to the stars. By the way, it will put out some of the flames – literally and figuratively -.

On paper, “Niegaszalni” is a classic blend of an elementary story with a story about liberation. Suffice it to say, Theodore Ty and Laurent Zeitoun (along with screenwriting duo Daphne Ballon-Jenica Harper) qualify in both agreements. Georgia, like the original Mulan (not to be confused with the pesky and pesky Mary Sue from the acting remake), is not a broadcast superhero; Everything comes with wit, cunning, and bravery that is close to insane. On the other hand, if the path to adulthood is bumpy, then the creators make sure that the girl’s relationships with her family and colleagues from the fire station remain at a minimum psychological and emotional realism. There are a lot of simple teachings about life, which both young and old viewers will eagerly hear. Most importantly, judging individuals by their level of empathy and deserving of the group remains the surest measure of humanity.

The plot is somewhat reminiscent of the iconic “Fire Blast” by Ron Howard – the subject of the investigation brings everything to the erotic cinema. Aesthetically, the film brings to mind the evergreen high-budget American backdrops of Disney and Dreamworks, although the “line” here is a bit wilder, more expressive and less polished. The action scenes have Hollywood charm and slapstick charm, while the situational humor and comedy of the characters go hand in hand. In short, there is a lot going on on the screen, and there is still more on your mind.

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What I could find wrong with it is the somewhat pretense use of the historical era. Although the creators illustrate Georgia’s adventures with several facts from the history of the fire brigade, it is not true that the first women joined its ranks only in the 1980s. It happened much earlier – in the United States in the 1920s, and in Great Britain already in the 19th century (and we are talking about “mixed” brigades). And I wouldn’t mind such lapses, if not so many artistic couples painted the Prohibition era in all its alluring majesty. However, ignoring these small details and being considerate of the sentiments towards the people who go into the fire for us, I encourage you to see the sort. The “unshielded” appliances maintain the right temperature – that’s what the cinema is all about.