Microsoft Teams users can expand the library of photos that can be set as wallpapers during a video call with some nostalgic drawings. Where can it be downloaded?

The new wallpapers for Microsoft Teams will make us feel nostalgic

Involved # Thursday Made by Microsoft that aims to remind users of the moments that often remain just memories.

During the event four new graphics that can be set as background in the video conferencing software – Microsoft Teams were introduced.

Old, well known smiley paperclip, has accompanied many users for years. It was often annoying and when it was still in use it was not very popular. Now, however, when we don’t have to read his hints – you can look at him with a little more sympathy.

Microsoft Teams wallpaper from Solitaire

Solitaire, or Microsoft Solitaire, I personally remember as a game to pass the time, which was available almost everywhere – without the need for a network connection. The title celebrated its 31st birthday this year (Solitaire debuted in 1990 on Windows 3.0), and today it can accompany us during meetings in Teams.

Microsoft Teams wallpaper from Paint

Another new wallpaper for the popular Teams is the classic Paint. Although its successor, Paint 3D, is still alive – you have to admit that the interface featured in the first version (from 1985) is nostalgic.

Microsoft Teams wallpaper from Windows XP

This meadow can’t be missing from the #ThrowbackThursday campaign. Image rights, which in 1996 This image was purchased by Charles O’Rear by Microsoft and then the image was used as the default wallpaper in Windows XP. The version set up as wallpaper in Teams has been changed a bit, but it’s still the same well-known scene.

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New wallpapers prepared by Microsoft can be downloaded from the administrator Manufacturer’s website and use in Skype and Teams.

Will you check out any of the drawings in your niche? Let me know in the comments.