– It’s very crazy – said the Norwegian coach Alexander Stoeckl with admiration in an interview with “Dagbladet”. – Despite the fact that it flies at a very low altitude, it can keep its position well and gain several meters. It’s good that it’s possible, it’s something special. It wouldn’t work on the other hills, but it could have been done in Vickersund,” the Austrian added.

Unique facility

“This is the difference between Vikersund and Planica,” explains Dagbladet. “Norwegian mammoths usually fly lower, which makes combat distance safer.”

Scandinavian journalists asked Stoeckl how Żya could not have fallen into the landing so much earlier.

– Because he managed to pick up the right speed. It even increases it by hanging in the air. Then he managed to open up a little. The angle at which you fly is parallel to the landing and leads longer than the other competitors – Pole performance described by the Norwegian coach.

You can only smile

Norwegian ski star Marin Lundby also commented with some envy.

– It seems to be almost on the landing hill, about a hundred meters. She thinks it’s going down now, but he doesn’t. It must have been an exceptional experience for Żła. I have never jumped like this, neither on the little things nor on the big things. It’s hard to see anything like this anywhere other than Vikersund. The Olympic champion from Pyongyang said there may be a similar picture in Oberstdorf.

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When you see her, you stand and smile like everyone else. “It’s hard to believe you can get this far like this,” Lundby added.

“There is no such thing as flying high” — Żyła himself humorously noted his achievement, posting the jump on social media.

After the World Flying Championships, more emotions await us in the biggest stadiums. The World Cup giants will take place in Oberstdorf next weekend, and the next in Planica (25-27 March). Broadcasting in Eurosport and Player.

Author: jac / TG
Source: eurosport.pl, dagbladet.no