It was announced in the release: “Experience with the Hwasong-8 missile showed that we have achieved our goals in terms of flight parameters and controllability.” The Korean Central News Agency reported that a new type of missile increases defense capability korea night.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang has called on the United States and South Korea to end “double standards” in arms trials and start diplomatic talks.

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The mysterious “disappearance” of Kim Jong-un raises many questions: where was the dictator of North Korea and what else do we not know?

Pyongyang’s increased activism may be related to preparations for the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s assumption of the country’s highest office.

Last week, Kim Jong Un’s sister suggested that the two Koreas should repair relations and even rebuild the previous bombing by North Korea. Desk Contact in Kaesong. Seoul tried unsuccessfully to reach an agreement with Pyongyang on the matter.

North Korea launched a missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

Meanwhile, independent experts estimate that due to previous sanctions, pandemic And natural disasters, North Korea may be on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. The authorities assert that the communist north is a coronavirus-free country.

North Korea on relations with the South

Last week, the ruling sister of leader Kim Jong Una, Kim Ju Jong, suggested that the two Korean nations should mend relations. It issued two statements showing the communist north’s readiness to hold talks with the south.

Kim Dzung-un during a meeting with young peopleKim Jong-un met teenagers. They “recorded” for 10 years of work

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It was reported that Pyongyang also wanted to talk about reopening the Korea Liaison Office in Kaesong. North Korea had previously blown it up, indicating its dissatisfaction with the progress of negotiations with South Korea and United States of America. Kim Jo Jong denounced the “double standards” of South Korea and the United States, claiming they were critical of it. a program North Korean weapons while these countries continue to expand their military arsenal.

The new US administration has virtually no contact with North Korean officials. South Korean authorities announced that they were ready to speak and take back Kaesong’s office.